An update to the 2016 Hockey game has been posted at Be sure to open/extract the file into programfilesX86/Hockey2016. When properly installed the date displayed on the about screen will be the date of the update. This update is free to owners of the 2016 game and will not operate with previous game versions. Please note that current game downloads and CDs include all the updates listed below. Improvements were made in the following areas: 

January 19, 2017
* Adds current season date to the roster screen.
* Corrects issue with save\resume lineups.
* Corrects for player remaining in the penalty box when eligible to return.
* Corrects for missing assists on some goals.

October 7, 2016
* Includes adjustments to accommodate potential issues with the new Windows 10 anniversary update.
* Includes corrections to the play analysis display.
* Corrects issue with import schedule tool.

September 30, 2016
* Includes adjustments to zoom and pause functions.
* Minor play-by-play corrections.
* Save\resume corrections.
* Corrects issue with month of game being displayed and\or recorded incorrectly.
* Corrects box score team penalty totals.
* Includes adjustments to accommodate the Windows 10 Anniversary update. 
* Other minor adjustments.

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