An update to the 2016 Basketball game has been posted at Be sure to open/extract the file into programfiles/Basketball2016. This update is free to owners of the 2016 game and will not operate with previous game versions. Please note that current game downloads and CDs include all the updates listed below. Improvements were made in the following areas: 

April 13, 2017
* Adjusts college play calling and game timing.
* Adjusts end of game play results and timing

October 7, 2016
* Includes adjustments to accommodate potential issues with the new Windows 10 anniversary update.
* Corrects an export\import coach issue.
* Corrects several late game play results.

August 5, 2016
* Increases scoreboard and play call font sizes for some screen display settings.
* Corrects several game play errors.
* Corrects error whereby the wrong assisting player is displayed.
* Increases use of uniform images (when assigned) and includes an option to display uniforms rather than player photos.

Dave Koch Sports

Important: This update must be extracted into the original game folder, typically programfiles/Basketball2016. You will receive a game generated error message if the file is extracted into any other folder including a sub-folder of programfiles/Basketball2016.

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