An update to the 2017 Baseball Game has been posted at This update is free to owners of the 2017 game and will not operate with previous versions. Please note that game downloads and CDs include all updates. Improvements and corrections include:

July 18, 2017
* Minor box and scoring corrections.
* Adjustments to computer versus computer spectator mode.
* Adjustments to 1B dropped throw errors.

June 13, 2017
* Corrects fly out play-by-play relay error.
* Corrects playoff box display error.
* Minor internet play adjustment.
* Corrects pinch runner selection for ejected or injured players.
* Other minor adjustments.

May 10, 2017
* Adds pitcher SB and CS stats to the player form.
* Corrects pitcher penalty usage enforcement issue.
* Corrects traded player stats display on opening screen.
* Adds new play-by-play.
* Corrects opening screen list of upcoming starters for leagues not using daily lineups.
* Corrects import issue with inaccurate team complete games pitched totals.
* Adds option to print box recap..

April 12, 2017
* Adds an optional no pitch IBB to the rules menu.
* Automatically corrects invalid splits for some players in the 2017 Projection, Baseball History Collection, and 1884 Union Association.
* Corrects an error with pitcher usage penalty implementation.
* Corrects pitcher durability display on the player form.
* Corrects several issues with computer pinch runner usage and selection.
* Adds usage rule help information to the roster screen.

March 9, 2017
* Corrects an internet play error.
* Corrects for missing GIDP stats in BBHistory files.
* Corrects a minor box score error.
* Adds a new utility for deleting bulk free agents.

February 21, 2017
* Adds a new default ballpark layout button that quickly places fielder and park labels for new park photos into a reasonable starting location.
* Includes minor adjustments to draft functions.
* Corrections error with all-star team creation.

February 8, 2017
* Adds a utility for quickly creating multiple blank teams.
* Corrects an import manager error.
* Corrects for box missing season to date WP totals.
* Adjusts salary\value for some older players.
* Adds  player name and year search filters to both the draft and database screens.

January 10, 2017
* Corrects error assigning teams and their players to new parks.
* Corrects for inaccurate poor box stats.
* Corrects for random overflow error during game play on some systems and setups.
* Includes video chalkboard adjustments for several plays.
* Corrects error assigning some photos.
* Corrects for computer general manager making roster changes during the game. The issue occasionally caused players to be temporarily pulled for a pinch runner.
* Corrects 'what if' park listing.
* Updates some information of the opening screen playoff leader display.
* Corrects for record book not listing the year for records in some seasons.
* Adds printer font size setting to report screen.
* Corrects for rare error trading players.
* Corrects for internet play error.

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