An update to the 2017 Football Game has been posted at This update is free to owners of the 2017 game and will not operate with previous versions. Please note that game downloads and CDs include all updates. Improvements and corrections include:

August 9, 2017
* Corrects a potential playoff error.
* Corrects conference record display.
* Corrects potential red zone stat error.
* Corrects issue assigning team logos.
* Corrects error loading older college schedules.
* Includes adjustment to the length of some injuries.
* Removes errant stats added to random players on QB spikes.
* Adjusts computer coach penalty decisions.

May 19, 2017
* Draft screen modifications including the ability to delete a free agent and the inclusion of the ST rating.
* Corrects logo display on the modify team form.
* Corrects punt return error that could occur with older seasons.
* Corrects expanded standings display. 
* Several team compare chart corrections.
* Corrects internet play injury display issues.

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