Entering our 7th season, SPIFL is a contract league which mirrors a true NFL GM experience. The only change is that your players remain your players until you decide they are no longer worth their salary. There are no holdouts, trade requests, or demands for higher salaries. Other teams will never be in competition for your players until you decide to let them go.

Player salaries are based on a combination of their SPIFL salary and actual NFL salary and have 1-5 year contracts lengths decided entirely by the GM. Our Free Agent bidding session will begin in June with the rookie draft in July, all handled online.

Minnesota is available and Chicago may also be available if we don't hear from the coach in short order. Check out the website and download the current league file to check out the rosters. Minnesota especially is a very strong team while Chicago could become a division favorite with a couple of trades involving some extreme roster depth.