Howdy gang! How y'all feeling the NBA Conference Finals? It's early yet, but signs do seem pointed to a three-peat smash-up of the NBA's two best teams (give or take the Spurs). I for one would have no problem with it, but who knows... that's why they play the games!

Just a heads-up... Our main man Kodrinsky has started to release 16-17 courts, along with some corrected versions of older courts and previously unreleased designs filling in gaps in the historical timeline. I've started work to shape his latest efforts to Action parameters, and will keep you posted when I'm ready to release a downloadable add-on pack of these courts at John Gardiner's Sports Replays site (

In the interim, you can make one simple naming/date correction, per Kodrinsky (I won't include this particular update in the add-on pack). Presuming you've previously downloaded and installed the NBA Full-Court Database, go into your court file folder, single out the two latest Memphis Grizzlies' courts (i.e. FedEx Forum), and change their names as follows- "FedEx Forum 13-15" and "FedEx Forum 15-17"  Easy peasy, no?

Stay tuned!