Some tips for playing Action! PC Sports games on the internet:

In order to play Action! Pc Sports Games against an internet opponent the following ports must be open:

Football: 32019
Baseball: 1452
Basketball: 1452

If you are hosting an internet game you must edit your router firewall settings to allow the game
the that will be enabled to pass through the firewall to this computer. Click ADD to add it to the
Hosted Applications list. Most internet service providers are very helpful when setting up routers.Also,
please feel free to call Dave Koch Sports for a quick test of your hosting ability.

For help forwarding ports with various routers go to

To verify your IP address check

If you are having difficulty maintaining a connection during a game it may be neccesary to turn off
any popup or worm protection during game play.

Important! If you'd like to verify that you are properly setup to host a game feel free to call our office for a quick test.

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